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November 11, 2007

Life is all about polka dots right now

For the second time we have the pleasure of being thankful for Joy's birth on Thanksgiving Day! She really is a joy. : )

Every couple years we give the 'olive plants' the option to have a party with friends. (a couple of them prefer family parties instead)
What Joy wanted most of all this year was a party with her friends at our house. Something we haven't been able to do in many years because of lack of space and then 3 years of adding on to our house.

We are praising God that we have the room now to have 8 girls over for some birthday fun.
And she is SO excited. (maybe because this will be the one day when she isn't outnumbered boys?!) : )

My Martha fan and I chose a fun party theme we found at Martha's web site:

POLKA DOTS! And since she loves all thing crafty, we are going to do polka dot crafts.

We are also:

wearing polka dots...
Decorating with polka dots...

And eating polka dots... not exactly, but the goal is only things that are round.
We thought we'd grill burgers since they are round. Too bad its not melon season because melon balls would be cute. I'm not sure what else we will have.

I'm kind of nervous since I've never hosted a party for girls at our house. (we've had a couple for little boys though) My hubby thinks it is a little scary ; )
but I think he'll find that 8 girls are much easier than the 35 little boys that he teaches every Wednesday night. Don't you?

The polka dot crafts are: Decorating lollipop cookies (they have a Popsicle stick baked into them) I'm making these ahead of time
Decorating tote bags (from Oriental trading-only 83 cents each! yahoo) with buttons and polka dot ribbon and fabric pens and making bracelets out of buttons

Games are : Twister and air hockey
Favors are: Cute polka dot head bands (I found on sale for a dollar each)and round candies like gumballs, jaw breakers and suckers .... put inside their decorated tote bags.

And have I mentioned that I've never hosted a party in my home for little girls before and I'm a little nervous? Hopefully all this and lunch will keep them busy for two and half hours. I'm not sure. But I'm not going to worry. Because the other day, out of the blue, Joy said "I don't think any birthday party can be perfect." And I agreed with her and felt better. Isn't she a joy?

I think Martha and I could learn a thing or two from her. : )


Please leave us any POLKA DOT suggestions you might have


Becky said...

Oh, I love all your ideas. Y'all are so cute and clever. This will be so much fun.

If you are serving cake you can do cupcakes and use an actual ice cream scooper to make round scoops of ice cream.

That's it. That's all I've got.

Have fun!

Sniz said...

How did this go? This sounds like so fun...any little girl (and some big girls like me) would love a party like this!

Becky said...

I hope so. : )
We'll let you know. It is next week. Thanks for visiting Mrs. Sniz.