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November 9, 2007

Unusual date nights

Our date nights are usually spent chatting over frappacinos at our local Starbucks.

Last week doesn't count as a usual date...
We had the not-at-all-romantic experience of being stranded in a not-so great neighborhood after locking not one, but two sets of keys in the car.
Then we had the adventure of riding in a cab. (a first for me) Our cab driver didn't waste any time getting us from point A to point B though and I was glad for my seat belt. It was some evening...And way more expensive than two frappacinos!

Tonight's date night is going to be unusual too. It will be way more expensive than two frappacinos or ten...
(but thankfully it is FREE for us. PTL!)
My hubby's boss is taking everyone in the company and their spouses to dinner at a downtown restaurant. (It's the oldest and most famous one in our city) And then to a play at the performing arts center. Woo hoo! The neat thing is that the performance is going to benefit a local prison ministry. The play is called from Jail to Yale.
And so we are REALLLLY excited!

It will surely beat last week's date! : )

And my hubby looks so good in that new sport coat of his, that I may have trouble keeping my eyes on the stage!

1 comment:

Shushan said...

Yes, I'd agree that getting locked out of your car and having to fix it together doesn't make for a real date.

May you have a wonderful evening at the restaurant and concert!

Susan :)