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November 11, 2007

Football lingo and JBQ

Here's a picture one of the kids took on our way out the door for our big date. : )

Ignore "the Judge" in the background.
That is quiz box for Junior Bible Quiz matches and it holds the buzzers.
I thought if I kept it by the door, and just about tripped over it all day, then I would remember to take it to yesterday's match.

The JBQ match was a lot of fun! My hubby was working, so I coached our team solo for the first time. It was a blast. Everyone on our team buzzed-in in almost every round. Yay!
And I learned what not to say, while coaching a JBQ team
and I think it is safe to blame it on football season.

We were playing against the team with the top quizzer in our league. (and maybe our state)

Our team was giving it their all and I was so proud. It was the last match of the day (9th round) so we were all gettting really tired.
During the time-out I said: "You guys are doing great. Keep fighting."

Joy turned back around and said "Mom, what do you mean fighting?!"

Me: "Um, well, you know like in football? I just mean keep playing hard. Ya know, keep fighting...?"

-She looked at me like I was from another planet. ha ha
I guess "fighting" and quoting Bible facts and verses really don't go together. ; )

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Becky said...

That is great! I would have made the same mistake you did.

I loved seeing a picture of you. You are going to look really pretty holding that Better Homes and Gardens Magazine :)

I hope you had fun on your date. Certainly it had to top last week's.

Have a wonderful week!