"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 7, 2007

VBS fun

I love VBS! It's crazy but it is a fun week of service and we always end up making new friends. People we go to church with but have never had the chance to get to know. And after you do this hectic week together, you kind of feel like you've been friends 'through thick and thin' and always will be. ha ha

I usually help with registration and then go help with preschool crafts. I'm always in awe of the "Queen of Preschool crafts" as I like to call her. She lets them do fun things like PAINT and use glitter. Oh, the thought of a room full of preschoolers and paint about makes me shudder. This is why I'm not the Queen of Preschool crafts. : )
She always does it so well and in such an orderly fashion, that grown up helpers, as well as the kids, have a blast.

Last year, my oldest son, Zach and I decided to be a 'team leaders' and have our very own group of preschoolers to take to and from the various activities. (games, Bible story, crafts, choir and snack)

Oh Mercy! They put about 10 boys and 2 girls on our team. And those boys were something else. About 3 of them had "ISSUES" as my kids would say. Truly they were the most defiant kiddos I'd ever seen.

And after we had some leaders pushed by them and some kids spit on and many refusals to do anything we said... my world was rocked and Zach was not thrilled about the upcoming week because that was only the first night! When I got home I told my hubby my plight and asked (begged) : ) him to come with me the next night and "to please look tall and mean." I don't think he pulled off looking mean but he is tall and great with kids! Having him there was a great help and he came with me for the next two nights.

So, this year? I'm taking a brake from preschoolers, cute as they are.. and helping with elementary kids crafts and registration.

Zach is helping this year too but they weren't taking him alive if he had to help with preschoolers again. : )
And so he picked the nice refined age of 4th grade to work with. And he's enjoying it. He's got a sweet and obedient bunch of kids this year and they just happen to be all girls. And ya know, that might have something to do with it being so easy. But that's just a theory! ; )


toni in the midst said...

Ugh! I used to help in Olivia's 4yo church class and there were two particular boys who were defiant and quite rude. Yes, I know they were 4 years old. Yes, they WERE rude. They had "issues" and it really showed. I laughed at your request to have your dh look "tall and mean." You always make me giggle, Becky.

Jamie said...

I like your "theory" about the girls thing!!! You guys are awesome!!! Love ya!