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August 14, 2007

Burgers no matter what

I guess it's my Type A -ness, but if my menu plan for the week say BBQ burgers for dinner then I am going to BBQ burgers no matter what the weather is doing. : )
Crazy, I know!
-And in FL in the summer, that would mean raining. Of course, a lot of the time, it looks like rain and then doesn't rain. Or it looks like it will rain a lot and then it only drizzles.

Today, the sky was dark and it was thundering but it wasn't raining so I thought I'd rather go for it than try and dream up something else to cook. (and I don't care for frying burgers)

I got them halfway cooked when it started to rain and then pour. I have never officially been soaked to the skin while BBQ-ing until today while topping them with cheese. : )

My sweet hubby gallantly helped me in the worst weather possible, to take them off the grill all the while making jokes about how juicy they were going to be. I hope my neighbors were busy indoors and didn't notice the crazy woman grilling in a thunderstorm. The burgers were really good though!!! Maybe it was the rainwater...



toni in the midst said...

LOL! Our camping "neighbor" sat around his fire in a lightning storm once. Yes, we did think he was crazy (just a lil') but he seemed just fine with his cozy flame.

How funny that you were grilling in a thunderstorm. Dh tells me not to grill in 95ยบ heat because "it's too hot." Um, would he rather I ran the oven in the house? LOL!

JennaG said...

I can't believe you BBQ'd in a down pour. You must not use charcoal, or your fire would surely have gone out. We only use charcoal around here, so it's never an option. I don't like to fry burgers either, but I do if my plans get foiled!!