"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 4, 2007

A bunch of "nevers" all happening in the same week!

I'm going to be quoting "I can do all things through Christ" to myself a lot this week... possibly constantly. As it turns out, I get to do a bunch of things I said that I would never do.

When we started this kitchen remodel adventure I kept thinking, "this is going to make my life crazy but it will be OK because it's summer and I can handle this in the summer. I could never handle this while homeschooling."
Well, as they say, "Never say never!" because NOW I get to find out that I CAN do homeschooling and remodeling! ; )

The other thing I thought I'd never do, is have company while we are in the temporary kitchen. (really the family room which is rigged with water)
We've already canceled on this dear couple once and it would be awful to do it again even though they would understand. They are coming over to teach me how to be the treasurer of the home school group and download the program on our computer. They are such servants in our church. It's an honor to have them come over for dinner as well as get this treasurer lesson. I'm not sure they understand that they are coming to eat in a construction zone though.

Last year, I said I would never start my homeschooling year on or before Vacation Bible School. I know a family who does that and I thought that sounded crazy. That week wears me out. But, guess what happened? When I figured out that I need 18 weeks to make a high school semester, plus a week off for our vacation in Sept. I found out that I need to start our school year on the same week as VBS week. AHH!

And I NEVER can just drop my kiddos off and go have dates with my hubby 5 nights that week. (although the thought has crossed my mind) I'm just compelled to help all those sweet workers at our church who pull this thing off every night and make it an awesome week for almost 400 kids. But, because I want to keep my sanity, I have not volunteered to do the preschoolers this year. ha ha (but that's another post for another day)

See if I ever say "never" again! ; )
I'm sure all this will add some blog fodder to my life, so that's a good thing.

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