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August 29, 2007

Strange dates

We've learned that when you are remodeling,
weird things sound like fun dates.

Two weeks ago it was a 'hot date to Famous Tate' to look at refrigerators. ; )

This weekend it was a night out at Home Depot, (whoo hoo) but we threw in a trip to Star Bucks to make it seem more like a date...

(scary, huh?)

And on the way home, we decided to watch a movie after the kiddos went to bed. My hubby suggested Sleepless in Seattle.
As I was getting ready to get cozy on the couch, I noticed that it wasn't Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks on our TV screen....
Something was wrong with the picture!
-It was a bunch of men running up and down on a football field....

Then my cute hubby said
"I'm sorry. Pre-season football must be from the devil." (my thoughts exactly!!!)
"It's going to have to be Sleepless in Miami tonight instead."
I laughed and laughed.
Good thing there is a much better date in store for us in the near future, that's for sure!

And it's a special one...
to celebrate 16 yrs. of marriage! One that doesn't include looking at trim or discussing paint colors or touchdowns...yahoo!


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JennaG said...

How funny--yes, you know you're an old married couple when... Around here the dating place is Walmart!! Congrats on your sixteen years. We just celebrated our 18th in July.