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August 21, 2007

Coconuts and Call it Courage

We have been reading this:
And today, we were suppose to eat what Mafutu ate on the island...and well, Publix doesn't have breadfruit, but they did have the coconuts and bananas.... After we picked out our coconuts, a certain somebody asked me if I was SURE that Mafatu didn't eat Hostess Ding Dongs on the island... No, sorry. Good try though!

Since we are still in the middle of a kitchen remodel, don't ask me why we were having trouble locating a hammer and a nail. But when we laid eyes on a drill or two, we thought we were home free!Carlos hadn't come to work on the kitchen yet, or he may have had something to say about us getting coconut goopies all over his drills and bits. : )
I thought cleaning those bits first was a good idea because they surely weren't sanitary...but nobody else was into that idea...
I'd forgotten the phrase in our book that said "put your hole in the soft spot of the coconut" and so even with a drill or two, it was nice and difficult! The kids eventually got a hole in it and not just the milk, but also little bits of the shell came out of it that made the coconut milk look rather unappetizing. A little sieve would have been nice but we didn't have one and one resourceful kiddo suggested we sift the milk through one of our window screens.... Which aren't by any means sanitary and so we didn't try that. : )
Someone else did a coconut milk verses cow milk taste test and the COW won!

We baked our coconut for an hour on 35o degrees and then tried it and it was well, PLAIN. After that, I had to have a bite of the yummy sweetened kind that comes in a lovely package from the fridge. : )
Joy had fun wearing the shells as hats and Honey thinks they are the best dog toy ever!
After all that, I was kind of wishing that Mafutu HAD eaten Ding Dongs on the island.

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