"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 15, 2007

His Faithfulness (to my high schooler)

This blessed me so much!

As we were getting ready to embark on our journey into home schooling high school and making Zach's schedule, we realized he needed an elective. We decided to go with this near by co-op type group. They offer classes to homeschoolers that are taught by certified teachers. The classes all meet one day a week and then the students are given 4 days worth of homework. (which gives them some experience in a college type of schedule) There were plenty to choose from and we narrowed down what looked good to him to either a Modern Ensemble music class or the Entrepreneurial Business and Web Design class. (I'd love to take that one myself!)

Zach was leaning towards the music class because of his love for the drums. (he practices 2 hrs. a day) The teacher of the course is going to take all the students musical abilities
(given they have any, they said) : )
and form a rock band. They are going to play old rock. (Beach Boys etc...)
Zach was a little disappointed about that because he loves contemporary Christian and praise and worship music.

Anyway, we left it up to him to pray about and decide. He decided to go with the business/web design class because he said old rock just isn't his thing and that he would at least still have the family band to play with.

Well, the very next day, when we were at church, one of the pastors who knows that Zach plays the drums, asked if he would like to play along with a keyboardist and a guitarist during the alter call time in children's church!
It was amazing. Just the type of thing he wanted to do.
God gave him the "desires of his heart" immediately and it was so cool!



Becky said...

Well thank you so much for stopping by. It seems like we have some things in common ... besides our name and state. I love to quilt too. In fact, I just picked it up again after many, many years of getting sidetracked with knitting (and working and kids and church at house and ... well you know).

I was a 3rd grade teacher but I am not going back, preferring to stay home and be there for my family. So we are making some financial changes and I am here cooking meals and keeping things together.

I also have a 24 yr-old who is a drummer. I can relate to the 2 hour a day practices. Eeeek.

I loved hearing the story of how God honored your son's diligent seeking of His will with the opportunity to play with the kids' worship team. Neat testimony for him.

You blog is delightful. So full of the Lord, and your sweet family . I'll come back to visit again. Hope you'll do the same.

JennaG said...

I don't know if there is anything more wonderful than seeing our children get the desires of their hearts. Except seeing them accept Jesus as Savior.

gr8tful4grace said...

Awesome! ~Yvonne