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August 11, 2007

Swimming merit

The Royal Rangers worked on the Advanced Swimming Merit this morning.

So, this is the conversation that I had with Nathan before we left the house:

"Mom, what kind of pants do you think blow up the best?"

Me: "Straight legged jeans, not the ones that flare at the bottom."

Of course, I really didn't know what I was talking about...Because until just then, I didn't know that you could actually take off your jeans while in a pool, tie them in a knot, blow air into them and use them around your neck as a floatation device to save your life!

But that's what the boys had to do.

And their commander pronounced them all "dead" because, well, they didn't do it too well. : )
They did have fun trying.
They also swam a whole lot of strokes, did some dives and then tried saving each others lives. It turned into a fun morning of fellowship after a fun/exhausting week of VBS.

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JennaG said...

I'm so sorry they failed this "test". That's funny--but I guess it must work or the good ole RR wouldn't have the guys try it!