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August 10, 2007

For all "Anne with an 'e' fans"

I am a big Anne of Green Gables fan!
My kids and I and even my hubby often quote our favorite scenes from the Disney (Kevin Sullivan) version. (that shows how often they've had to watch it with me! Teasing! They like it too) : )

This week I discovered this at the library......

And I was thrilled! I really enjoyed it! It is the BBC version. It doesn't really compare to the Disney version but it does follow the books more closely. So, if you've read Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island than you might in enjoy it too. We were hooked even though the acting wasn't as good. If you're a die hard Anne fan, then it's fun to see anything about her! : )

And if you are one, then you'll really like this book. It has "Anne" projects and recipes. I recommend the plum puffs!!! : )

~Becky, who is a really big Anne fan!


Toni said...

Anne (I mean, Becky),
I've only watched parts of AOGG but it was very, very good. I'll have to rent it.

Now, I'm a big Little Women fan (the OLD version with Katherine Hepburn).

JennaG said...

We are big fans around here too--I will have to watch that version. We have the Anne of Avonlea television series--some episodes anyway--my oldest really enjoys those.