"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 21, 2013

What a week

It was an emotional week due to the things that happened on Monday in Boston and on Wednesday in West, TX. So very sad.

Thursday night my BFF and I went to a Bless Israel fundraising event. We were blessed to hear Jonathan Cahn speak. She'd watched his speech at the inaugural prayer breakfast and I'd read his book, The Harbinger so we were pretty excited. He didn't end up speaking about his book or even about America. Because of the 65th anniversary of Israel as a nation, he spoke about the history, the prophecies and the miracles that brought it about. Fascinating but late night.

Friday we were riveted to the news between school subjects concerning the manhunt in Boston and praying that there wouldn't be anymore loss of life.

I think by Saturday we were all just plain worn out! We headed out early that morning for Joy's softball game and actually froze! Kind of a gloomy day. Very strange for FL in the spring. Great game though until my frozen self had to wait out the rest of the last inning in the car.
Since it was so cold and cloudy and my hubby needed to rest his very sore back, we cuddled up on the couch and watched some watched some of this
and had a pretty lazy day unless you count sampling some cupcakes, as being productive. ; )

Joy, 'the queen of cupcakes' has been busy! Last weekend she made Nathan chocolate cupcakes from scratch with Butterfinger icing, to celebrate his first job. Saturday she made these sundae cupcakes for Zac's girlfriend who just got her first job.
They were filled with ganache and were the best ones I've ever tasted! Living with her keeps me working out! LOL  This week she will get to learn how to make things from gum paste at the bakery! Too fun!

My BFF went to the ER last night and needs to have some tests done. : (
Joy and I headed to the hospital to be with her and bring her some Starbucks early this morning. (prayers appreciated on her behalf!) She's in a beautiful brand new 'faith based' hospital and it seemed like it was also a half empty one. If you have to be in the hospital, this was surely the best scenario I've ever seen. There are signs about Christ on the walls and pictures of the 6 days of creation and she had a nurse who mentioned that God will heal her. Amen!
Thanks to the fact that we can stream our church's services LIVE on UStream, we were in the hospital watching/having church while Hubby and Andrew were watching it at home (he'd thrown up several times last night) and our oldest boys were, of course, actually there. It was almost as good as all of us being there together. -Loved that we were all talking about the message when we saw each other again! There's nothing like the Word of God to put life into perspective.

Hope all is well in your world and that we all hold our loved ones more dear, after this week!
(Edited to note: Tests showed my BFF to be in excellent health and all is well now PTL!)

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