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April 30, 2013

May 7th -A Day of Prayer and Fasting for Saeed Abedini

Dear Friends,

This is the 216th day that Pastor Saeed Abedini has been imprisoned in Iran. May 7th is his 33rd birthday and the ACLJ has collected more than 42,000 birthday wishes and notes of encouragement from people all over the world that they are planning to take to him personally on his birthday. Awesome!
(if you haven't had a chance to sign one or write your own, please do so at SaveSaeed.org) These notes of encouragement are needed now more than ever! 
 The thought struck me yesterday how incredibly powerful in the spiritual realm it would be if 42,000 people are praying and fasting for him on that day.
Friends, lets make this happen in Jesus' name by getting the word out.
Will you help? Can you make it an event and invite all your friends on Facebook? Can you tweet about it? Or blog about it? Contact your local radio station? 
Let's shake heaven and earth with our prayers for Pastor Saeed on May 7th!

~It has been reported that Saeed's health has been deteriorating due to internal bleeding as a result of the beatings he's suffered. He's also been moved to solitary confinement. Its been stated that this is a tactic used to make a prisoner who hasn't cracked, deny his faith.
Please keep praying for him, dear Friends. 

Here are links to the latest articles that I have seen:
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P.S. I just visited SaveSaeed.org and it looks like they have 575,828 letters/signatures now! PTL!

In Him,

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