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April 4, 2013

For the love of vintage paper flowers!

So, I fell in love with these flowers on Pinterest.

And since Joy and I had just hollowed out two books, 
(for the "nerdy chic" book purses that turned out to be WAY harder than we thought and are still not done) we had plenty of pages to play with. 
You can learn how to make them here and use an old phone book if one shows up at your door anytime soon. (why do they still hand those out anyway?!) 

Bree thought it was very interesting that I was bringing sticks in the house. ; ) I tried to find the prettiest ones, if sticks can be pretty.

Here's the finished product. Sorry the picture isn't so great and that you can't really tell that they are made of pages from a book. Definitely cuter in real life.
 I love, love, love them!

When I looked at my front door, I was reminded that felt flowers are made the exact same way!  

And I love those, almost just as much! : )


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