"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 8, 2012

Random happiness

Happy  to be back to the land of the living, after a sickness that had me in bed for a few days and the kids and wondering how they would ever get by. : )
I got a kick out of it when Andrew said "Two of me and two of Joy, equal an unstable you. (lol!) The amount of work you do around here everyday is HUGE." Yes, and amen! ; ) They did a good job staying on top of it all for me though.

Happy to say that I'm keeping the treadmill and the exercise bike from becoming over sized coat-hangers! Whoo-hoo! One hour a day! They are soooo much fun. I love watching an episode of something on Netflix while on the treadmill, it makes time fly by! And I love, love, love reading this fabulous book while on the bike. (more on this book in posts to come!) Most fun way I've ever found to exercise and the best part is not going out in the Florida heat!

Happy to say that hubby's C-PAP machine is doing wonders for his life! He is sleeping great every night and is  still in awe at the amount of energy he has now. PTL! But then waking up 42 times an hour will take its toll on a guy! At first it sounded kind of like I was sleeping next to Darth Vader, but I got used to it. : )

Happy to say that my clothes-drying experiment saved me $45 on my electric bill. Yahoo! -And I'm actually MISSING hanging clothes this week. How weird is that?! But it has been rain, rain, nothing but rain, so I'm thankful for the dryer instead.

Happy that hubby made an awesome summer schedule for the kiddos that is keeping me from ever hearing 'I'm bored.' If they get their lists accomplished, Monday through Thursdays then we hit the beach on Fridays! -Unless you have nothing but rain, rain and more rain in your life. : )

Hope you have a happy weekend!


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