"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 24, 2012

Oh Debby and the weekend

It is a glorious thing to be HOME during a tornado warning, especially since we were just OUT in it! 

But in Florida, rain doesn't keep you at home...
So, when we had a VBS meeting and an evening church service and other people's kiddos needing a ride back to the building, we just loaded up and headed off through some crazy rain. Probably should have stayed home though and had a big sleep-over instead. : )
After the VBS meeting, church was cancelled so that everyone else would stay home and be safe. Then we had one VERY crazy drive home, right through the worst area! -Scariest driving we've ever had to do. (actually hubby did it, I would've been a basket-case)  But, we made it and all is well.
Hello Hurricane season!
Sounds like we will have a lot of rain for the next three days. 
But here is hoping that it will all clear up by Thursday evening when our Pirates and Princesses VBS starts and where 450 kids have already pre-registered to come! 
I have some boys to help make look like pirates, like Andrew, who is playing in the band. I'm trying to decide if the brides maid's dress I have, will pass as princess-y. Maybe a tiara from Party City will help. And how can you be a princess without heels? And how can you stand on your feet for 3 hours every night in heels in the first place? (definitely first world problems, sorry!)  
Joy took a CPR class so that she could help in 'water world' with all the water slides and blow up pools etc at VBS and loved it...
Here is her cuteness practicing what she learned on our video game chair. lol  And here's hoping that no one will need to use it, in Jesus' name. 

We had a fun weekend, although a wet one. 
Everyone found themselves at home last night. As a mom of teens, that is one of my favorite things, a night where my whole family is at home! We played lots of rounds of Uno, made brownies and watched some Star Wars and hubby's new favorite show Auction Kings.  

Friday night, we had some friends from church, invite us out to dinner. It was such a sweet invitation, but we were totally clueless as to what they had in mind. They came and picked us up and drove us to a very fancy steak restaurant with valet parking and said "We admire you and this is to thank you for what you did for your brother during the last 6 months!" and we were blown away. Just blown away. Isn't that the most thoughtful thing ever?! They aren't people we see regularly at our really big church or even talked to more than twice during that whole time...What a sweet blessing from the Lord. -And boy, did we enjoy it. We've never eaten food like that before and we may never again, after seeing the prices. lol
But I'll certainly never forget that evening.  
The body of Christ is amazing!

P.S. ~If you are new to the blog, My hubby's brother is a stroke patient and you can read all about our adventures in taking turns caring-giving under the category of "Uncle Phil."

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