"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 28, 2012

Let the VBS fun begin

VBS starts tonight and the theme is Pirates and Princesses. 
(pirates without the skull and cross bones, that is!!!) ; )
Hubby is on the security team and I had fun making his pirate costume. The registration team wiggled its way out of looking like princesses (lol) so my comfortable footwear problem is solved. All I have to do is wear a tiara with shorts and a t-shirt! 
Zac is helping out with a class of kiddos and Joy, our newly CPR certified kiddo, is a lifeguard for all the water activities.
Andrew and Nathan are playing in the band this year. Or should I say not playing. They will be playing but not plugged in, since the church opted to use a c.d.. Nate will be playing on the huge pirate ship and Andrew will be high up in the castle's balcony, which is a gazillion feet up in the air and he says the ladder wobbles when you climb up there. He is suppose to jump and spin while playing.... 
He and his momma are a little concerned about that! 
But his Dad, who spends a lot of his days on ladders, isn't. He had Andrew practice his songs while standing/jumping on a 5 gallon bucket so that 3 feet of space would seem like a lot! -I thought that was a 'genius' idea! -But he said it was just a 'Jesus' idea. ; ) 

~This is an example of some of the fun things we get to do for Him this weekend! 

And here's what He did for me. -The balcony now has a railing! Whew! : )


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