"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 30, 2012

Spring break fun

We started our break at the park one evening and  had a BBQ next to this guy:

Unfortunately, a mom and her kids were feeding him sour cream and onion potato chips!!! -They must not have been Floridians because we all know that you don't feed alligators. We played some frisbee, sat by the river and had a relaxing evening.

Monday we went to see this movie:

And I've never seen such fabulous animation. I so much wanted to reach out and touch a Truffula tree! Loved it!

It turned into a really laid back week. We planned to go here:

but it never worked out. : (  I got some kind of 'bug' which made me dizzy and nauseous and interrupted the fun.

We went out Friday for pizza with my BFF and her family then headed to the movies to drop off all of our various Hunger Games fans. The ones who read the book were planning to dress up as different characters, and told the ones who hadn't read the book, that they couldn't come. LOL! Time got away from us at the restaurant and some of the showings were sold out already so, in the end, they made the 9:00 PM show, didn't get to dress up and 'let' the non-book-readers come. (I've been told several times by Andrew that I don't need to read the book though because he says I wouldn't like it. Hmmm, it seems to be all the rage though, so maybe I should)

Saturday we had a great time watching Joy in her first softball game of the season. Her favorite position is
catcher. -And can that girl whip off her mask in a hurry! She did a great job in left field too. ~It will be THE only time that Daddy cheers for the Red Sox, that is for sure. -Lady Red Sox, that is! : )

We also had our annual "House Party" which is a time to celebrate, remember and thank God for the addition that our dear friend, Carlos, put on our house in 2005. It is always a special time when we remember how an amazing God provided more space for our family and how an amazing friend 

gave so many months (that turned into years) of his life to pull it off. What an indescribable blessing.

And now, thanks to one of the rooms he built, we not only have more room for our gang, but we are housing my hubby's brother, who is a stroke patient.

Who would've thought of that, back when it was only a 800 sq. ft. 2 bed and 1 bath. God obviously had a plan!

All in all, it was a fun and laid back spring vacay
and I'm so glad that summer is just around the corner. Hooray!


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