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March 20, 2012

"Its root, root, root for the home team" or not

This weekend my hubby was given tickets to the Yankees spring training game! 

Also a parking pass and cash for lunch. How fun is that?!
NOT that we are Yankees fans.
But there are no shortage of New Yorkers in FL and the stadium was packed. I was surprised to be sitting by so many folks who were actually here from New York!

We couldn't believe that our seats turned out to be right behind the dugout! Now that is close!
So close, that we stood for awhile before the game started so that fans could crowd around our seats and ask the players for autographs! Did I mention it was close? : )
Thankfully, we had cute little 8 year old boys with gloves sitting on each side of us to catch foul balls, which made me feel better about being THAT close.

I had the distinct feeling that someone else's blessing was possibly being wasted on me. Don't get me wrong, a chance to have my wonderful hubby all to myself for the whole day -utter awesomeness! -I think I'd even watch NASCAR for that! ; ) But it did feel a little weird that I didn't know who any of those players were, who were only 10 feet away. (Jeter was a name I'd recognize, but he wasn't there)

We ended up leaving a little early because the heat was melting our brains but we had a great time together in what my hubby called "the enemy's territory."

 Go Rays! : )


 (I promise these pictures weren't taken 3 years ago, we just can't seem to figure out how to correct that or turn it off on our camera)

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