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March 12, 2012

The "matchy thing"

It is time for a family photo!

I had hoped to have it taken before Christmas...but well, you know how it is. : )
Back in November Groupon, (yes, I have to mention them again!)
had a screaming deal for a photo session,
and because someone bought a deal I recommended, they gave me a credit on my next purchase and boring story short,
this one-hour family photo session and a bunch of prints cost me
 (wait for it)....
all of...eight dollars!
Yippee! : )

It has been WAY TOO long since we've had a family photo (professionally) done, as in, 8 years too long.  And since I usually overthink things, I had to Google family photo 'Do's and Don'ts.' : )

When I made the appointment, the photographer asked what we planned to wear...
 I didn't know yet and he suggested we do the "the matchy thing" and then change clothes and do a shot that shows our personalities.
Oh, how I love the "matchy thing!" It reminds me of when my kids were little at Easter!
The fam vetoed the white shirts and jeans idea since we've done on the beach in the past.  I've been trying to come up with a color scheme that worked for everybody with outfits we already owned...but that was hard to pull off since you shouldn't: have too many patterns or logos on shirts or horizontal stripes, which apparently make you look fat... (thank you 'Do's and Don'ts')

Ross was a life saver! I wanted dressy shirts for all 6 of us and wanted to spend around $10 a person. Not easy especially since 4 are teens and are picky particular. : )
The "Do's and Don'ts" highly recommended bribery,
which was an idea that did come in handy
and now we are ready!
It is a color scheme miracle! And such a major accomplishment that I had to have a picture of just the clothes!
We are going with this blueish green color and gray and black. (which looks a lot better in person than in this photo)
Joy even scored a dress in this fantastic color, which we all think is totally adorable.

It may be another 8 years before we pull off another one of these...
And just think, by then, we'll most likely have a lot more family members to do 'the matchy thing' with! ; )


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