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March 7, 2012

Planning and pranking

I'm a big fan of Groupon . We've been really happy with all the deals we've purchased with them and have been able to do some super fun things for crazy cheap.

So, when they had a hotel stay for 6 people (which is rare) at 60% off in Orlando at this crazy, fun looking hotel, I bought it, because the price was THAT good and not because my kids are Spongebob fans or want to have breakfast with Dora the Explorer. LOL
 (we are just too old for that now) : )
Plus, I thought, who needs to visit a theme park when you hotel looks like this:

The plan is, that right after our care-giving season of six months ends, we are headed here for a couple days of fun, family time. It has been a nice thing to look forward to when care-giving isn't easy. Our youngest two are so excited that they even have a code word for the trip, so that they can talk about it without hurting their uncle's feelings in any way, in case he overhears.

Now, enter here, the family prank of the year:

Last night, Andrew answered the phone and told me to come here as he was holding the receiver and  looking SOOOO very distressed. I thought it looked like someone had died but who would give such awful news on the phone to your youngest child?!
On the other end of the phone, someone with a very good British accent
 (thanks to lots of episodes of Dr. Who)
 was saying "This is the Nickelodeon Hotel and we regret to inform you that your hotel reservation has been cancelled."
Then that certain someone felt sooo very convicted that she confessed AND offered to do his chores.
Bless her heart.
I'm sure this will be a source for many laughs in our family history when 'the glue has dried' as Gary Smalley says...maybe not today though. ; )


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