"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 12, 2008

We are together again!

We are all back together again! Woo-hoo!
To celebrate, Joy and I just made a blackberry pie! We also just finished watching his podcasts of the week. They were pretty cute.

We picked up him up at the airport last night after the Honor Star ceremony. They had a long delay in Chicago.
I just can't say enough good about the Teen Bible Quiz ministry! We saw a whole different side of it this week being at nationals.
It turned out to be totally worth all those fund raisers!!! LOL ; )
~It was an awesome experience!!!

The other teams' coaches and quizzers were so sweet. They encouraged our kids after matches and asked them how old they are and would tell them what a good job they did etc... One opposing team member gave Nathan tips on how to answer scripture text questions, it was really nice. On more than one occasion we heard people say that they thought that "in three years" we will have a championship team. ~Wow!
One coach of 20+ years told us that he'd "never seen a team this young come to nationals and do this well before!" Praise the Lord!

We have an awesome coach, by the way. He is a blessing and now we all understand his absolute passion for Bible Quiz!
We all had a wonderful week together.

If we make it next year, it will be in Missouri. ~'Hurray' for somewhere a little closer to us! Now, its time to start memorizing the book of Mark!

I want to give a big thank you to my kiddos who kept our household running beautifully while I was gone and Dad was at work.

~Thank you to Joy who did all the laundry...no small feat! ~To Zach who did the cooking and dishes. (and it wasn't mac and cheese and p/b&j either. He ambitiously chose some difficult meals and I hear that ate really well while I was away!) ~Thanks to Andrew who covered Nathan's daily chores as well as his own.

A HUGE thanks to Zachary for being one very responsible guy and taking great care of his brother and sister during the day. I was very grateful for the sweet emails he sent me while I was away that let me know that all was well on the home front. : )



Anonymous said...

Now I know where Nathan gets his "WooHoo" from! ;-)

I had so much fun with you, Becky. Next year will be awesome as well.


Becky said...

Hi Leslie!!! : )
I had a great time with you too. Hey, we should have a TBQ game night some time!!! ~Those nights were a blast.
Thanks for taking me in as your roomie and making sure I didn't do anymore "shhhhh-ing!" ; )

Anonymous said...

A game night sound awesome, Becky! The kids are going to need some "together" time, don't you think?

Wish I had known about your giveaway, girl! Starbucks, huh? WOW!

See you Wednesday,

Jamie said...

Sounds awesome!! What a great bunch of kiddos you have!! Sounds like everyone pitched in to help!!