"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 28, 2008

Something Exciting

Back in June, Nathan's piano teacher told a pastor in our neighborhood about Teen Bible Quiz and how many verses Nathan had memorized. He was invited to come to this church and quote a chapter and give a little talk on why he memorizes scriptures.
They also had him accompany Joy on the piano while she sang with their youth choir during the offering.

It was kind of a scary experience for the two of them because they didn't know what to expect. They also didn't get to practice with the choir until right before the service started. It was a liturgical service and so that was something new to us too. It turned out to be a really neat and stretching experience for them and my hubby and I were so proud! This small, struggling church seemed so encouraged to hear Nathan quote and he received tons of encouragement in return.

Now, to our surprise, they have asked Nathan to come back and quote again on Thursday for a 'back to school night' they are having for their teens. His piano teacher told the pastor about our 'family band' and they've asked my hubby and kids to come and play their praise and worship set for the event.
~Wow! Pretty amazing!
Being that we/they are still beginners, (they have only played one song in public before)
and haven't had any experience in leading other people into the presence of God in worship.
Will you pray for them this week and for those present to be blessed and touched by the Lord?

Here's something else that is really neat that the Lord reminded me of this week.
It was ten years ago, when we were leading a youth group, that we first prayed to have 'a family worship band!'
We had taken the teens and our own kiddos (who were 5, 3, and 1 years old at the time) to another church that was having a 'back to school night.' (~isn't that amazing?) The people leading worship that night were a family! My hubby and I were so impressed by that, that we both prayed for a 'family worship band' of our own. I believe He's been answering that prayer ever since. : )


Susan said...

How neat to see God working in this area of your life. I am sure Thursday night will be wonderful.

Jamie said...

Soo cool!! You kiddos are awesome!!