"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 9, 2008

Hi from WI!!!

The team is doing really well!
Our coach's goal was that we have 3 wins this week and we have 4 so far. Hurray!
Nathan has had two exciting matches where he got positive quiz outs and the extra points for that caused their team to win those VERY close matches. He was so excited!

Our days here are very full. There's breakfast, a devotional and then its off to quiz four rounds until lunch. Then we eat and head off to quiz five more rounds. By then, its about time for dinner. They have some chill out time right after dinner and then the coach has them practice quoting all of the material (which takes about an hour) and then its time for bed at 10:00.

The team is bonding and making some fun memories. The boys made Ephesians into a rap the other night. Nathan taught all the kids to play poker with m&m's yesterday. And someone who I know wishes to remain nameless, taught us all to play '21' for candy bars last night. LOL!

I better run. There's a line for the computers!


Jamie said...

I am so proud of your Nathan!! What a great experience! We miss you guys!! See ya soon!!

Sniz said...

How long does the competition last!

Way to go Nathan!

Have a great day! Sniz