"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 3, 2008

I'm going away and having a give-away!

Happy fourth of July!!!

~Lots and lots of fundraisers later...

it's that time and Nathan and I are off to Wisconsin for the Teen Bible Quiz nationals!

It has been a bit overwhelming but I'm starting to get excited about the trip. It will be a fun adventure and I know that Nathan will remember this forever!Thank you to all our sweet friends and family for your words of encouragement and your financial support to see his team go.

While I am in Green Bay having blogging withdrawals, and wishing I had a lap top...

I thought I would host a give-away! : )

It will be for a $10.00 gift card here:

Woo hoo!!! So, if you'd like to be entered in this drawing just leave a comment! I'll get one of our cute kiddos to be the "random number generator" (How techie is that?! LOL) We will choose a winner next Friday.

And if you think of it, would you pray that their team does well and that they don't get discouraged? They will be the (inexperienced) underdogs in all 19 of these matches since this is their first year. Thinking about this makes me want to quote all my favorite lines from Facing the Giants, but I better go pack instead.
Thanks so much!

~Guess what? It is in the 50's at night in Green Bay!!! How glorious is that for us Floridians who are melting!? Bring on the cold! ; )



Sniz said...

Oo, Oo, I hope I get picked!

I will pray for your trip. It sounds so exciting and you're so right that he will remember it forever.

Happy Fourth of July!


Sharon said...

Hey, I'd love to be entered into your give away!

Have a great trip!


quitecontrary1977 said...

yes please, enter me.. i'm already thinking about a chai latte!


Jamie said...

I love cinnamon dulche!! YUM-O!! Have fun and be blessed!! You guys are gonna do great!! Love ya

The Butterfly Catcher said...

I am so proud of all of those guys, Becky! I'm sure that the buzz at your house this past week has been just as loud as the one at mine with all of these Bible Quiz preparations!

Having a Caramel Frappuccino when you guys get back would be a great way to calm things down, wouldn't it? Count me in!

In His Love,

Jamie said...


Wow! What an awesome thing to give away! It would be a shame if I did not win. Come on Becky...it's me your favorite peep! We go way back!!!! A Starbucks card would look awesome next to my credit card, debit card, insurance card, Blockbuster Card, AAA card, AARP card, and my Get out of Jail card I keep with me from the seventh grade when my mom said I couldn't have anymore cupcakes, but I took one anyways went upstairs hid in the closet and wiped my face with the "Get out of jail card from Monopoly." I did not want my mom to see, so I put it in my wallet and have had it in there ever since that day.

Wait...I know, is John out there?

John (Yelling),
Hey! My main man! I will split the card with you. I will bring you whatever you want on Wed. night before class. What do you say? Sounds good right? Can you help a brother out?

Well...Jamie is telling me to stop trying to beg for the card.

Have a safe trip! I will be praying for the team and your safety and for whoever is the "Name Picker."

Shannon (Your BFF)

Oh, by the way...

Shannon Hogan said...


Sorry! I was so distracted about the opportunity to win a Starbucks card I posted from Jamie's account. Can I still be entered in the drawing or do I need to post another shameless, begging comment?


Yvonne said...

How exciting, Becky! I'll be praying for your trip and for Nathan and the team!

cpullum said...

Good luck on the Teen Bible Quiz nationals!!! God is with you!!!

Jaime Keoshian said...

You and your family don't know me but i found you on the internet. I was reading in Psalms and came across 128:3. I was trying to get better understaning of olive plants and fruitful vines and when i googled olive plants i found your blog. How encouraging!! I am a Christian and i was in Bible Quizzing in my younger years. Never stop memorizing Scripture. I am back at it but it is a slow process. I am working on memorizing the book of James.

Plese enter me in that Starbucks contest!
Have a great week.

Jaime Keoshian
Midland, Michigan