"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 11, 2013

One last field trip...

Our kids absolute favorite field trip, when they were little, was to an annual reenactment at a nearby fort.
-What hubby always got a BIG kick out of is the fact that they reenact a battle, but then tell you that a battle never really took place there. So, it is like they reenact something that never happened! ; ) But that never stopped us from loving it! 

Everyone there stays in tents and wears, sells, and cooks only 'period appropriate' things. 

  I have yearly pictures of our kids standing UNDER this sign. 

The year we brought Grand Dad!

And now...
I'm probably the only one now, who isn't taller than that sign. LOL
I decided it would be fun to take Andrew back there and I could tell that he thought he was too old to enjoy it. But then his brothers heard where we were going they were jealous (and I was shocked) and they said they really WANTED TO GO. It was pretty cute. Our oldest college guy had a study group and couldn't swing it but Nate came after his college classes.  

 And we had a blast

remembering all the fun we'd had there in the past!

 We never left without some handcrafted toy weapons and Joy always had to buy something to defend herself, right? This time was no different.

 Andrew got a crossbow and pencils have been flying through our house ever since. Joy got a sling shot which she loves and she shoots pennies with it. Even our SENIOR in high school got all nostalgic and bought a toy bow and arrow set. Too cute.
We enjoyed listening to a fascinating presentation on the Seminole Indians together, given by a woman in pioneer woman's clothing who had a pet chicken named Ed. ; )

The whole day warmed this home school mom's heart.

This was most certainly Nate's very last field trip ever with our 'school' since he is graduating in May. Blessed Academy will surely miss him. And it looks like he'll be the first of our kids to move away from home. So, I guess I'm emotionally getting geared up for that and I will certainly always fondly remember his last trip to Fort Foster!

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