"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 2, 2013

Happy happpenings

Sooo much football. Is it over yet? ; )
One more game to go. Yay!
Here's a look at the party we had when the Broncos made the championships. (my hubby is from CO) Joy did the decorating

and Zac and Andrew made us some outrageous blue cheese and bacon burgers!

Hubby's brother bought everyone milk shakes from the 60+ year old ice cream stand near by. (they are amazing!) Chocolate and peanut butter for the adults and our kids always get butterscotch and peanut butter. We had fun thanking Carlos for that enormous gift.  : ) Which is very good for football watching and the reason we will most certainly be having a  Super Bowl party tomorrow night. We are going to play Super Bowl Bingo  which should be a fun for all of us who aren't completely into the game. : )

I FINALLY finished this project that I started at my parent's house a year or so ago. Yay!

On MLK Day, we took Joy and Andrew to a state park to go for a hike.

Gotta love 13 year olds! And since this one is our 4th 13 year old,
I knew that even though he didn't want to go, he'd end up having the most fun of anyone! ; ) And he did! 

We hiked a 3.3 mile trail. At one point on the trail, Andrew and Joy were really quiet and really far behind us. Dad gave a yell and they didn't yell back, it turned out that right about that time they both fell in the river!
Joy made this silly meme to show what happened:

She fell in first near the bank and then he turned to see what happened to her and lost his balance. Andrew was in all the way up to his shoulders. Alligators came to mind of course, because this is FL. Then what came to mind next was his ipod which was underwater. Joy has an Otterbox but he doesn't. But we are happy to say that both ipods survived the dunking. Yay!

We did two Hats of Hope projects this winter. We knitted for children in a children's home in NC and for women/girls who live in a safe house for women who have been trafficked, in NY. Here are the hats Joy and I knitted:

Including the ones from the other families, we were able to give away 94 Hats of Hope! Hooray! PTL!

Joy and I had a girls night and watched this:
http://www.redbox.com/movies/amazing-love And were so touched by God's redeeming love for us! And we got a big kick out of seeing Sam from the LOTR movies as a youth pastor!

Today, Nathan had a photo shoot for his senior pictures at a gorgeous park. Hubby and I felt like we'd suddenly been transported back to CA. This park looks so much like the ones in CA. We plan to bring the whole fam back there for a picnic soon. Nate's pictures are going to be gorgeous. Kind of fun that Zac had his taken downtown and look so urban and Nathan had his done out in nature. Can't wait to see them.

Hope you are having a happy weekend!

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