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February 5, 2013

Desserts that float our boat

So, I'd heard about this strange sounding recipe that called for apples and Mountain Dew, but I'd never tried it until last night when my BFF brought it to our Super Bowl party.
These apple dumplings are heaven in pan!
I will have to make them myself someday soon. -Actually, not that soon because hubby is on a sugar fast for the month of February. He suggested that I make them every weekend in March though. LOL
This recipe could potentially solve my holiday dessert dilemma! I don't think I've ever mentioned that I have a holiday dessert dilemma but I do. My way to celebrate something, anything or everything, is with something gooey and chocolaty!!! But not my hubby. Chocolate doesn't really float his boat. He always votes for something fruity, which doesn't float mine.
BUT, these things are incredible!!! -One first world problem solved! ; )


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