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February 19, 2013

A night in Orlando

Time got a way from us on Saturday and we didn't leave our house as early as we should have for our big (FREE) date to see The Blue Man Group and eat at the Latin Quarter.
 We got to Universal 25 minutes before showtime, which seemed OK at first but wasn't.
 We were shocked to find out that we had to pay $15.00 park like we were actually going into Universal Studios, gag choke, when we weren't. 
City Walk must be Universal's version of Downtown Disney. 
(here's where I rant) 
But Downtown Disney has FREE parking and you don't have to walk a blessed mile to get there after paying an arm and a leg! : ) Or two arms and two legs.
All that to say, we sat down one minute before it started (hooray!) and found out that we had excellent seats. (double horray!) The show was a lot of fun and not like anything else I've ever been to. 
And speaking of almost being late, I'm so glad we weren't because 20 minutes into the show, they stopped everything and let in the 'late arrivals' and shined a spot light and a camera right on them which followed them all the way to their seats while playing crazy music and making fun of them for being late. -I would have died on the spot. ; )

Anyway, we weren't suppose to take pictures 'even if it killed us', but I did snap these only when the strobe lights were going and everyone was dancing and these gigantic lighted balls were flying around the audience and toilet paper was being shot from a cannon.  
I'm pretty sure no one was disturbed by my flash. ; )

 And I'm not sure why 
these pictures turned out red especially
 on a fun night when everything was about being blue! ; )


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