"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 30, 2012

The fun and fellowship of the weekend

We had an opening ceremonies party Friday night. Tons of fun. Joy and Andrew made decorations the night before and we took some of our 4th of July decorations back out to cheer on Team USA!

And Joy made these adorable Olympic brownies:

 I think we refilled our plates with munchies during every commercial. The boys' friends made fried Oreos...which are the new fave dessert around here and are to die for.

My hubby and his friend hid out in the family room enjoying talking theology instead. That night when hubby and I crawled into bed I told him that the opening ceremonies are WAY more fun than the Super Bowl  to which he said an unconvincing 'If you say so." ; ) Meaning he's totally unconvinced!

The guys were all working in various locations on Saturday. Joy and I went to an outreach that our church was having. It was an awesome event and volunteers gave out backpacks full of school supplies and gave free eye exams, free lunch, snow cones and cotton candy to needy families from the community. I was hoping to man the snow cone machine in the shade, (which is my fave thing) but instead I was assigned to crowd control at a bounce house and was teased by one of our pastors the whole morning. My friend, who is my hero, had the chance to pray with two people at the bounce house she was manning. Is she awsome or what? I was trying to keep my brain from melting and telling little kids to line up and praying with people didn't occur to me. She said that one man was crying because he hadn't known how he would provide for his family...

We compared notes with the boys about our days when we got home. Zac won with the most bizarre story ever. Someone used his Starbucks parking lot as their own personal restroom and then stripped down to nothing at the drive-thru-window and ran down the street. How weird is that?

Then I made eggplant parmigiana, which I used to make a lot in the pre-kid days of married life. I apparently had nothing better to do with my days than fry eggplant before I had children because I forgot that it takes FOREVER! It was enjoyed by all until Zac caught wind that he wasn't eating meat, then he was done. lol

Next I made this beautiful cheesecake recipe beacause I was asked to bring a dessert to a memorial service and well, you can't just bring some cookies when you are remembering the life of someone SO special, right? It turned out to be a near tragedy when it came to the delivery though and I still have to clean blackberry juice off the leather seat in our van, but it was yummy. Note to self: keep cheese cakes in spring form pan until arriving at destination.

Our dear, 90 year old friend, Grandma Rosa went to be with Jesus over the weekend. She had stopped eating and she was more than ready to go. I think love held her back. She has 8 living children, a bunch of grand kids some great grands and some great great grands. (one of which is my name sake!) Grandma Rosa was the matriarch of a very special Peurto Rican family in our lives. And she loved us like one of her own, something many claimed at her memorial. She exuded the love of God to everyone. I can just picture her 5 ft or less, frame, freed from pain, meeting her Savior and dancing and squealing in Spanish. She was a prayer warrior and we were blessed to hear the testimonies of previously spiritually straying children/grand children whose lives have been changed they said, by her prayers, and the power of God. Awesome legacy! We also ate that amazing pork and rice that Puerto-Ricans make that makes you go weak in the knees and fellowship-ed with some sweet brethren who have loved us and our children since they were babies.

Those are all the crazy details! Hope yours was a fun one, too!

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