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July 13, 2012

Oh, how I love electricity

We just got a call from the electric company that made me laugh. It said our power would be turned back on LAST NIGHT at 9:30 PM. It was actually, 9:35 PM when it came back on. I know because there was great rejoicing!!!

It was a 5 hour and 18 minute power outage, to be exact! -And you can bet that my 1,000 Gifts
(by Ann Voskamp) entry last night and it looked like this:


and then when it went out again at 3:30 AM and those of us addicted to the sound of 'white noise' woke up when our fans shut off and that made my
 #235 something else about how thankful I am sooo for electricity!
-Especially in Florida, in the summer.

This storm made the hurricane we had 4 or 5 years ago, look whimpy. I was about to take Nathan to band practice, when I noticed it wasn't the usual afternoon rain storm. We saw branches falling and rain going sideways. Then came a 30 minute lightening storm and the power went out 6 times only to finally stay off for hours.
It was fun for the first hour... when I couldn't finish cooking dinner or vacuum. : )
The kids and I all ended up in the family room relaxing and watching the rain while Andrew played his guitar for us. Very relaxing! Then hubby brought home pizza and we tried not to open the fridge or freezer.

Eventually we all got hot and antsy. The kids, whose iPods were about to die, went and found their DS Lites, lest they start twitching from technology withdrawals. (JK!)  ; ) Then we played some Pictionary. 

Joy so sweetly apologized to me for all the times she thought the A/C wasn't turned down low enough, because she found out how hot it is without any. (LOL) Andrew thought he might die, either from boredom or starvation... He's pretty cute.

Then Dad suggested we go for Slurpee's to cool off. We really shouldn't have left the house, because the traffic lights were out. There seemed to be a fallen tree or large branch on every street! (and today, in the daylight, we found out there were probably 20 big oak trees, down within a few blocks of our house) When we got back it was completely dark in the house and we lit all of our candles, which we only have because I'm a candle fanatic and we realized we aren't really all that prepared for hurricane season. Hubby got out a battery powered radio and we were all relaxing in the candle light when the electricity came back on! Yippeee! And three kids cheers and ran to charge their iPods....

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