"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 23, 2012

Recent loves

We are big Lord of the Rings fans and we have 3 guys who SOOOO wish these Legos 
 had come out when they were just a wee bit younger. : )

                                                  And we cannot wait to see this movie:

               Love a free ticket to a major league baseball game for reading! Go Andrew!

Love sharing the blessing that Teaching Textbooks has been to me at two home school conventions lately.

New fave sandwich: turkey, swiss, pineapple,cream cheese and chive sandwiches
(weird but delicious combo! Give it a go!)

Love that kiddo #1 is getting all kinds of kudos for his hard work at Starbucks. (he loves his car and is a pro at driving a stick shift now, yay!)

Love that kiddo #2  has an apprenticeship position at an audio/video repair store on Saturdays that he is enjoying and may lead to a paying job when he gets some skills under his belt.

Love teaching a Wednesday night class for high school girls at church and that we have to order more chairs for the second time!

Love having a houseful of kids over.

Sooo love that it is summer.

And that's about it. Not too much going on around here. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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