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July 9, 2012

You can't watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory without chocolate

My cute, creative hubby often comes up with some goofy ideas for having fun with the kids and this was his latest: Watch the Johnny Depp version of the movie while eating large candy bars!
But, this game had rules, and the rules were:
You can only take a bite when someone in the movie says "chocolate"
or when someone in the movie takes a bite of a Wonka bar.

You'd think we would have had those things gobbled up right away, but it actually took awhile before we could take our first bite. (our thanks Augustus Snow for all the bites he provided!) lol
Some of us had normal size candy bars that started to melt during the movie...We should have frozen them first!!!  
Hubby got sick on his and didn't finish it and wasn't sure it was such a great game after all... lol


~Becky, who just found out she's had chocolate on her face for the past 30 minutes since the movie ended! -Surely a sign of a good time. ; )

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