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July 16, 2012

Weekend of wedding dresses

You know that the male to female ratio in the household has been seriously altered when the show of choice all weekend has been:
 Say Yes to the Dress.
-And I have been informed by certain males that that will never happen again. ; )

It had not even occurred to me until yesterday, that Joy is too tall to wear my wedding dress, which my mother-in-law had preserved and is sitting in a box in the attic.
 (or you could say, I'm too petite to ever loan my dress to any girl over the age of 12.. ha ha!)

I loved how my hubby phrased it.
It cracked me up! -"You know, your freeze dried dress isn't going to fit Joy." 
Freeze dried!!?! : )

I think she's a little glad anyway because she said (after a bunch of episodes) that she wants a ball gown style dress...
Which made me think three things:
#1 We should probably stop watching 'Say Yes to the Dress'
#2 I need to get a job! ; )
#3 I'm glad we only have one daughter!


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