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February 1, 2011

Earn points for surfing!

I joined Swag Bucks recently and I'm happy to report that it really does work and it really is free!
If you do Internet searches through their surf engine, they give you points! Once you've earned 450 points, you can get an amazon gift card for $5.00 for free.
(or you can save up for other rewards) But, I love books so amazon gift cards are what make me happy! : ) Unless a gift card to the Cracker Barrel is a possibility and then I'll ditch the books. lol

I've seen lots of my friends doing it and I'm so glad to see that it really works! Yay! I just earned my first gift card last night.

Click on this link if you want to check it out.
I earn more points if I refer someone. Yay! More points = more gift cards = more books! : )

Gotta love -FREE!
Search & Win

Fun, fun, fun!


1 comment:

Becky said...

So glad you joined. I am getting some points from you these days. I hope you get some referals to give you some points. I love Swabucks. I am saving my Amazon cards up for a Kindle. I'm halfway there :)