"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 24, 2011

Handing out hats

So, our little knitting group went and handed out the hats we've been knitting for the homeless a couple weekends ago. We were all so excited. We ended up making 48! Hooray!

It had been about 70 degrees that day and so I was praying for some cold weather. : )
It just seemed anti-climatic to go and pass out sweater hats while wearing our shorts! lol

Guess what? It WAS chilly that night and the men were very grateful. We had fun handing them sandwiches and water bottles as well. We also invited them into the 'chapel' for a church service. Our friends lead a ministry that brings church to the homeless instead of vice-versa. They open up the back of this huge truck and inside is a "chapel" with benches to sit on, and a TV with a worship DVD playing and then Brother Wayne brings a message from the Word. Really an ingenious, God inspired idea!

Most of the men (and one woman) we met were happy to have a hat and some dinner. Several stayed to be apart of the service.

All in all a great experience.
After it was over, our friends, who had joined us that night, came over for dinner and we did some more worshipping at our house with John and Andrew playing on their guitars.

It was an awesome night. Our family hopes to repeat it soon.
Maybe not with hats, but with cookies! : )


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