"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 10, 2011

Before the plague hit

...I mean the flu, we did a few home improvements around here.

My hubby's best friend decided that my kitchen needed some lighting underneath the cabinets which was something I'd never thought of. It is beautiful. It really lights up the granite in a subtle and pretty way.

Sweet hubby also did some touch-up painting for me. Love when that happens. And Carlos came over while we were at the youth retreat and fixed everything in sight that wasn't working properly. -No idea why I'm so blessed but I enjoy it!

All of these things got me in the mood to find something new to hang on the wall where some candle holders had been but had fallen during all the Christmas fun. I went looking at CSN because their stores are like visiting the mall from your house. They have everything from TV stands for flat screens to really cute boots. -Joy is hoping a pair of those cute boots are in her future.
Too bad we don't wear the same size anymore. : (

Here's hoping you've avoided the flu!

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