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February 7, 2011

The fountain

When our sweet neighbors had to move, they didn't want to leave their fountain for the next owner... So they offered it to us.
It was really sentimental to all the kids who have grown up running around their yard next to it all these years and we happily accepted it.
I never really pictured doing anything other than planting flowers in it like they did and keeping it to remember them by.

Let me tell you, it was not easy getting a 6 foot high concrete fountain to our house as you can imagine. But the boys did it and my neighbor and I stood around giving not very helpful advice and making sure they didn't get hurt and that it was level, so that it wouldn't end up going through our living room window.

Well, it really grew on my hubby and before long, the fountain became his new hobby. He LOVES it.

Zac bleached it and painted it for some extra Christmas cash and it looked like new!
Carlos blessed us with a motor and helped my hubby to hook it up.
It was an exciting day in December when they got it going.

They also put a light on our palm tree so that it would shine down on it at night, which is really pretty.
It makes a lovely sound! Much louder than I ever would've imagined and we often forget that it is on and ask each other if it is raining. ; )

Years ago, the little cherub on top fell and broke off when the kids were playing hide and seek at the neighbors and the fountain was the "base." So, my hubby spent lots of time trying to find
a top for it. (top is probably not the right word)
I thought it looked fine without one but he informed me that we basically had a
naked fountain since it didn't have a top and that was not cool apparently! : )
Anyway, he found out that you can't buy them separately. They only come with the fountain.
But as God would have it, he went into a landscaping store and got blessed!
They happened to have switched a pineapple top for two love birds. He offered to buy the pineapple and they thought up a price and voila! We now have a top for it!

He was right! It looks SOOOOO much better now.

This is the view outside the living room window. (the picture is a little crooked not the house or the fountain -lol)
The fountain project is now complete!

Guess where my hubby wants his 'welcome home from work kiss' now? The man loves his fountain! : )


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