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February 9, 2011

Flu for one and all

There's a beastly flu going around...
Headaches, high fevers, congestion and coughing.
And it has been taking us all down one by one.

I'd say that Nathan had it the worst. He was in bed for 3 solid days, poor guy. And he had a fever for 5 days.
Andrew had a fever for 2 of the days that Nathan had it. Let me tell, you our house was quiet as a tomb when Roo and Nate were down. Zac said he could live for "at least a week" with just Joy and I because "You two can cook and are quiet." LOL
He got a lot of school done while his buddy was too sick to talk his ear off. ; )

Zac had a fever for one night and bounced back the next day!

We made the most of it on Friday night by going for a walk and playing Monopoly with the sickies. (a short game)
Everyone was up around on Saturday though and we had a great day.

The next victim has been Joy, who got it Saturday night. She's had a fever for 4 days now. She's been just about as sick as Nathan, bless her heart. She's coming out of it now.

Hubby got it yesterday. : ( Not as bad as the kids, thank the Lord.

So, I was the last one standing....
But a beastly headache has been plaguing me today and I'm wondering if I'm 'going down.'
But what mom has time to go to bed for 4 days?!
Not this one. Prayers please! Thanks! : )
Off to take vitamin C!

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Becky said...

Oh I am so sorry for you and for your entire crew. I hope you are all feeling top notch very soon. And that you somehow have just a headache and will wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed. Yuck. No mom has time to be sick.