"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 31, 2010

I need a vacation from my summer vacation!

It was another busy week around here!

Monday had me planning for next year's school year for a senior, a sophomore and an 8th and a 6th grader and balancing our check book.

Tuesday I did nothing but sleep off a 24 hr. stomach flu bug! Blahh!

Wednesday had me doing leftover 'school' with my high-schoolers, making BBQ pizza (thanks Pioneer Woman) that left my boys just about speechless. Next, it was taking them to worship band practice. That night I helped in Youth and the praise and worship was incredible! Then it was off to the movies with the whole group to see Despicable Me. I got a kick out of hearing all the girls in the theater say "AWWW!" at all the cute parts. I ate a very pricey box of Reese's Pieces (because the dollar store was closed) and that reminded me I just got over the flu...not good.

Thursday I taxied the boys back to church to work on a spoof they are writing for a Youth video and then Zac had drama practice. He also had a doctor's appointment for a beastly cough that has spread to all our boys. At some point I know I went grocery shopping because we have food in our house! ; )

Friday morning I cleaned like crazy and then had company. Zac had a friend over to help him organize the paper work for getting his Gold Medal of Achievement. At the same time, I had the former treasure of our homeschool group over and the future treasure over for a training meeting. We worked on teaching the new treasurer the ends and outs. The group will be in awesome hands. Then Joy and I raced out the door to do some babysitting for a friend. -It was fun to have a break from teens and hang with the pre-K crowd for awhile! LOL But I was quickly reminded that that crowd wears you out quick. : ) Joy and I headed to Sonic afterwards!

Saturday has had me shopping, doing lots of laundry and more shopping...because Zac's FINE ARTS team is headed to Nationals in Detroit at 4:30 AM tomorrow! Hubby has been doing some home projects and is about to make us all go outside in the heat and play some family whiffle ball. (I love that guy!) -Oh, he's calling us! Gotta go do some sweating and then... more shopping. And hopefully a date night with that guy later, because I could use a vacation from my summer vacation! : )


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