"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 1, 2010

The absentee blogger returns!

We spent last week missing our 2nd oldest son who was at camp in TX. It was a great experience for him and he had a lot of fun. I worried the entire day that he was flying home, since we couldn't reach him by cell phone during either of his two lay-overs.
So, I was one happy, relieved, teary-eyed mom when he got off the airport tram and gave me a big hug. : )

We found Joy a nice, real wood, roll top desk at a yard sale. My hubby refinished the ladder back chair that came with it and once we polished the desk, it looked great. (only $15.00 and she chipped in part of that!)

We've been playing lots of Scrabble.

Our kids have discovered Leave it to Beaver! Too funny! They LOVE it.
(I guess they could've discovered it sooner but we don't have cable)
I always get a kick out of June as she even wears a dress and jewelry to clean. She and I had the same vacuum, until recently. LOL!!!

I taught Joy and Andrew how to make the mozzarella sticks. I wasn't around when they made them for the first time but I heard A LOT about how they didn't turn out right and melted into cheesy puddles of grease. Then they watched me make them again and decided that it was all because they left out the parsley! -LOL! That is our new family joke, anyway. : )

I had another couponing lesson with two very sweet ladies who are fun to hang out with. And my new favorite word is "overage." Yes, indeed. Those are just too much fun! They mapped out a plan for me and gave me some more coupons and I gave it a try today. I got 9 things of dental floss for free and the had an overage of 3 cents each. (= 27 cents) I bought a dog collar for a dog I don't happen to own and had an overage of $2.00 that helped pay for something else in my cart that I didn't have a coupon for. (and I can give the collar to my neighbor) I also stocked up on hot dogs which turned out to be good brand for only be a dollar a pack and nice toothbrushes that were not even close to a dollar a piece. -I promise not to bore you with my future deals but this was my first time and I'm just a little bit EXCITED!!! Couponing here I come!

My boys are enjoying being in the worship band in our church's youth group. Last night was amazing!!! -I love my drummer and my synth player. I'm so glad that they get to experience the presence of the Lord as He touches and changes teens lives.

I'm off to make brownies...
Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Becky said...

I have a couple of young mom friends who are so good at this. One of them even teaches workshops on how to do it. So cool!! Congratulations!