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July 26, 2010

Week of fun!

As I mentioned, my best friend and her kids came to visit last week and here is a list of some of the fun things we did:

-VBS every night. All of us were workers except Andrew and Joel. It had a Toy Story theme and the costumes were amazing!!! I have to repeat that! The costumes were amazing!

-Whiffle ball in the park and a visit to a landmark ice cream stand (but I'm not so sure it was worth the price)

-Fun on the trampoline with ice, bubble bath and the hose

-The beach!!!!
We take a picture in this spot every time they visit. Someday, I'll be able to make an album of these photos and see all the fun changes in the kids as they've grown up

-A drive-in movie at 11:00 pm. My hubby didn't join us because 4:45 am comes really early! (my kids tell me I'm more adventurous when she comes to visit and I'd say this proves it. lol) -We ended up being the only ones there! Lots of fun!

-Slept in! Due to that movie that didn't end until 1:00 am!!! : )

-Some window shopping in downtown and candy buying.

-A river walk in downtown but it was too beastly hot. -I obviously thought of that idea while sitting in the a/c. : )

-Made those yummy mozzarella sticks

-And then before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye!

I have one very, sweet, brave friend and I feel very blessed that she and her kiddos came all that way to see us! : ) Have I mentioned she drove was 18 hours without her hubby!!! I'm seriously not that adventurous. But I wish I was. Her hubby was ministering at a camp all week and so he wasn't with them.

Our next visit will be at their house in just a couple weeks!!! Yippee!


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Becky said...

I have a couple of "forever friends" that bring out the best in me too. I am so glad you had some new fun and new memories with them. Love the pics.