"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 15, 2010

Evening devotions

So, at our house, evening devotions have been hard to pull off.
~Unless it is Christmastime when our devos include snacks on china plates by candle light, then we have lots of happy participants...the rest of the year it is not so easy.

My hubby came up with a new plan and it includes doing the devos right after dinner since we are already together which is much easier than trying to round everybody up again around 9:00 pm like we used to try and do.

And the new plan has the kids giving the devotions from now on!

My hubby came up with 5 topics that they can do them on. They choose one topic out of a hat at the beginning of each week. Each of the kids is assigned a certain night of the week to give their devo. (and we skip Sun, Wed and Sat)

The devos can be anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes and must include at least one scripture. (Dad is easy to please)

The topics are:

Jesus, (using scripture taken from a gospel)

Wisdom, (scripture from one of the Proverbs)

Theology (Answering a question like one of these: What is the sovereignty of God? Why did God create man? If God is love why is there so much suffering in the world?)

Doctrine (Lord's supper,, giving, elders, deacons, covetousness, salvation etc)

or there is what Dad calls 'the Wild Card option', (hubby loves options)
which is sharing with us something that God is showing them in their own personal time with Him.

It is has been a pleasure for us to hear their hearts and to see what God is leading them to share. I love the new plan. No major complaints from the kiddos either and if you have teens you know that is pretty amazing. Must be a God thing! : )


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Becky said...

Wonderful! We found devotions to be so much easier when they were small and a bible story from a child's bible story book brought on questions that they would ask/answer. It is much more difficult when they get older.

I love this idea and I hope it works great.