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July 11, 2010

Random summer news

So far our summer looks a lot like our school year...Our high school students are still finishing up some subjects and so some sort of 'school' is going on around here every day.

We are excited for our Teen Bible Quiz friends. The national competition was held last week in MI and Nathan's former teammates became the national champions! Whoo-hoo! An amazing accomplishment for a three year old team. Those girls are amazing! Nathan and I had fun streaming the winning match online.

We went to a quinceanera last night for one of Zac's best friends. I have no idea how to spell it or say it but it is a birthday party for a 15 yr. old Spanish girl and in that culture it is a big deal! Think wedding! Kind of glad for my budget's sake that we aren't Spanish! : ) We had lots of fun. -Love those kids in our youth group!

We have VBS next week. Just thinking about it makes me sure I need a nap. LOL It is sure to be extremely fun and exhausting. : ) Always love all the fellowship!

The week after VBS, Zac's fine arts drama team leaves for their national competition in Detroit for a week. And all the parents say "Detroit?!?!" Yes, we know. Lots of crime! Not sure why it is being held there but it is going to be awesome and I wish I was going. Last year's nationals was held in Orlando, (lucky for us) and it was an incredible experience.

A couple days after Zac gets back we will take our trip to California to see our family and friends and we can't wait!!! That will be the highlight of the summer! We are making plans and getting excited. My hubby has to stay home and work. Which would make me sad except for the fact that having work, when you are in the new construction business in Florida right now, is a miracle. So, I'm going to be thankful instead.
Four days after we get back, school will start. Wow!!! Hard to believe it is right around the corner.

I wonder why if it is summer and I'm suppose to have so much more free time, why I don't have time to clean my house! It is a mystery... : )

We have a new plan for evening family devotionals that my hubby came up with that is blessing our socks off. The kids are giving the devos! I'll share more on that another day.

Hope you are having a great summer!


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Becky said...

I think your summer is the busiest one I have heard about. It will all be fun, and lots of memories. But .... you'll need a daily nap to keep up.

Have fun!