"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 22, 2010

Real men

We have a house full of company! My best friend and her kids (who drove 18 hrs. at the spur of the moment) are here visiting us and we are having a great time together as always.

My friend's son, Joel (10) and our son, Andrew (11) have come up with 'real men challenges' for themselves. If they complete them, then they will be 'real men.' They say they have to complete 10 of them to "become GENTLEMEN!" : )

How cute is that!?

Their list of challenges so far:

1. Fast for 24 hrs so they can eat the Baconator value meal at W*ndys! (that fasting part, only lasted about 15 min) LOL! They happily completed that challenge last night.

2. Do 10 things they don't want to do that will bless someone else. (Amen!)
-Joel's sister has volunteered to let him do all her chores when they get home. ; )

3. Wear pink to a party
They crack us up. LOL!

Numberes 4-10 have yet to be thought of. : )
I'll keep you posted though.


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