"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 9, 2007

Our first match

We found out on Saturday that TBQ is the coolest thing!
This was the first match we'd ever seen and it was really neat. Its different than JBQ in that it has this whole kind of debate angle where you can contest why you answered a question the way you did and the other team can give a rebuttal. Like a Bible debate or something. What great skills to learn!

I had to stop and soak up the moment and look around this room full of teen agers who knew all (or most of) the book of Galatians by heart! Really incredible. What a blessing! What a great thing to be apart of.

It was pretty exciting that our brand new team won more than they lost. (five wins and 3 losses) Hurray!

Most of the kids in the league are a lot older than ours. (most looked like high schoolers) Our team is made up of 3 middle schoolers. So, they looked small... and cute... and overdressed. Our coach wanted them to dress up and wear color coordinating colors. They looked cute and did I mention small? Everyone else was wearing jeans and t shirts. I got such a kick out of one of our girls on our team saying she really liked TBQ but "we are really going to have to discuss the clothes!" : )


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