"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 8, 2007

Growing up

Our sweet first born is off -for a whole week to another state for a Ranger event!!! boo hoo

I did really well though. It was my goal not to cry in front of the guys when we said good bye today and I didn't. yay! He still wasn't not too happy that I had to get up on my tip toes and kiss him good by, but he lived through it. : ) I heard him telling Joy, Andrew and Nathan "just shake my hand good bye" which was pretty cute. I guess hugging siblings isn't too cool at this point.
Andrew idolizes him, so Zachary is really going to be missed this week!

I've had a lot of peace about Zach's trip and so has my hubby. And of course its good for this mom to put her son in God's hands and trust the Lord with him. : ) Also, a great chance for Zach to be away from home and be dependent on the Lord alone. He recently had to memorize Psalm 139 and I'm so glad. What a wonderful passage that he can recite to himself if he ever gets lonely.

If ever a kid deserved a week off, then he does. He has been so diligent. He did double the school load last week to make this possible! I was so impressed!

He is our organizer and so he'll have that camp site in tip top shape. And in the mean time, my house will probably be a mess. Or at least a certain bedroom that he shares with two other boys who aren't committed to cleanliness, will be.

I hope he has a wonderful time. It will certainly be an adventure. (and not my kind of fun! )
It's a historical reenactment and everything they bring and wear and use has to be period appropriate.

(I insisted on the bug spray, even though I know you are suppose to let the smoke do the job....it doesn't do the job in FL so I don't know if it would in this other state!)

Pray that the Lord keeps him safe around all that gun powder for me.
I may not have made a good pioneer wife. That stuff makes me nervous!

He will thankfully, NOT be throwing his knife while barefooted! : ) So, I think I'll make it!


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