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October 11, 2007

Floridian hair spray

Joy and I like Aus*sie hairspray. It just smells yummy and it works!
While shopping for a new bottle, we found this new 12 hr. anti-humidity variety... and I laughed in the store and had to buy it. And since you can't read the small writing, I'll tell you that it says:

"12 hours of anti-humidity. Even in Florida, in your Grandparent's car, with the A/C broken."

Isn't that great advertising? What a word picture! I get hot just thinking about it!!!

I only wish I had this hair spray when I first came to FL ....and had those very TALL, (flammable) late 80's bangs! ; )



gr8tful4grace said...

LOL! I had those bangs too. Plus I carried a big hairspray can in my purse for emergencies. It was a great self defense weapon, (being a large can)LOL Plus it developed my shoulder muscles. I think I still have a shoulder tilt to this day. {g} ~Yvonne (who likes to forget about her big hair days)

Toni said...

ROFLOL! What a hoot, Becky. And coincidentally, I discovered Aussie hairspray this past week in San Francisco when I was in need of a trial size. It smells WONDERFUL. I'll be a return buyer for sure.

annie said...

I wish I had read this a couple of weeks ago, before our Florida trip! I had a week of bad hair!!!

Becky said...

'Nuff said on that bottle. I think they have captured the picture!