"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 22, 2007


We watched Miss Potter this weekend. (Thanks JennaG !)

We loved it! It made me miss "Grandmum." ~My dear
mother-in-law would have adored this movie!
Even our younger boys were hooked on this 'chick flick'... Why? Because Obi Wan Kenobi was in the starring male role! ; )
(I should say- Ian McGregar) And even though he didn't swing a light saber, he still made it worth watching for them.
It's a really sweet movie!


JennaG said...

I almost rented this again this past weekend, but ended up getting a different one instead. I have put it on my Christmas list--I hope I get it! I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. Thanks for your opinion on my counter tops. I kind of wanted granite tile, but my husband doesn't like tile countertops--we had them in our last house. Hmmm, I think that since I'm the one who is in there all the time, I should get my choice--maybe he will change his mind.

Becky said...

We loved that movie too. It was one for the whole family.

And congratulations to Andrew and his beautiful leather bible with red words. Tell him to eat it up. It is great food. Referring to your previous post :)

Have a wonderful week Becky.