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October 26, 2007

I've got a thing for the painter

Have I told you that my hubby is a professional painter?
He does amazing things to million dollar custom homes. He calls it his "arts and crafts" job. He enjoys varnishing and doing faux finishes. Today he was off to make some one's ceiling look like the sky...

One thing he does a lot of is faux finishing the exteriors of these homes to make them look like old world Mediterranean villas. And they are gorgeous! I tried to talk him into doing it to our little house but he convinced me that it wouldn't look good. ha ha

He recently did a neat distressed look in our kitchen. Here's how he did it:

This is the bar that used to be a wall with a built in book case.

First, he painted it green.

After it dried he took a couple of my votive candles that had been softening in the sun and rubbed wax on the green paint. Then he painted it brown.

Next, he painted a black glaze on it and rubbed it off.

And this is how it turned out! But the picture doesn't do it justice. It was really pretty and looked like an antique. And I really liked it but then I decided it didn't go with anything else in our house...

So, he took out all the black for me. (he's so sweet!) And now, it looks like this. And I like it better.

who is in love with her painter!


gr8tful4grace said...

Very nice! (And your hubby is a sweetie for taking out the black after you didn't like it!) ~Yvonne

Becky said...

He sure is! : )